Teen Dreamers:  Welcome to the World of Possibilities 

About us

It all takes place in a creative and innovative setting of Planet Olympiad Foundation India. Planet Olympiad Foundation  India is a Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO) engaged in providing innovative learning solutions to teenage learners of different  academic disciplines-----science, Maths …….. We help them prepare for future exams.  Our Modus Operandi supplements the educational activities of schools and adds value to talent and potential of young aspirants. We have designed our methodology keeping in view psychological principles of learning. Consequently, we put efforts  in betterment of knowledge of students at core- so they can be nurtured well to excel in their life. Our team consists of mentors who have made a remarkable contribution in their respective fields (Academics, Science, Media and Technology).

To conclude  we clear the clouds and fuel the dreams of teens.


Planet Olympiad’s vision is to be a leader in promoting Value Education and continuously reinventing and reengineering our pedagogy.


 To strive for Inclusive learning of all students  rather than a talent pool of  few meritorious students , fostering scientific temperament among them and  continuously  assess them  and  consequently fill loopholes  and thereby boost their morale.