POF India is a not-for-profit organisation engaged in generating interest among students in various fields of computer science, science, technology and mathematics through the innovative techniques of teaching and learning methodologies. We believe in betterment of knowledge of students at core, so they can be nutured well to excel in their lifes. Our team consists of people who have made a remarkable contribution in their respective fields (Academics, Science, Media and Technology), they are personalities with specific motto of contributing to the society by promoting scientific attitude in the students to give them a better future.  


Our Director's Message: 

Iam glad to introduce this personalized and innovative learning solution that will suppliment the educational activities carried in schools for increasing and determining eucational quotient. We have designed our methodology keeping in view psychological principles of learning. Furthermore, we have a team of working professionals with strong academic credentials. In the present era good is not good enough. The saying "Slow and steady wins the race" has been substituted by "Fast and steady wins a battle". We are living in Smart era--Smart Cities, Smart Health, Smart Housing, Smart Traffic Solution. Similarly when it comes to education it is the Smart Education system. Our prime focus is student centered holistic learning. We will follow personalized approach by which we mean to say that we will keep personalized database of each student tracking their performance. In the sight of contemporary scenerio when excellence is the buzzword we will follow six sigma approach to manage our affaisre. In addition, we will follow feedback based assessment that will be provided by our analytical wing. Our pedagogy will enable beneficial and purposeful student learning. Our feedback wing is like a foundation pillar as it will reflect the performance of students so we have devised a meachanism of feedback which will be easily and promptly accessible to the students. We will provide an equal opportunity to all students. Our focus will be on visualizing and fostering creative ideas amongst students in real life situation.

I hail from education field and possess experience of 19 years in education administration. The valuable experience i have gained an initiative i undertook during my tenure have yielded me rich dividends. However, the warmth of respect and affection i got from parents of my student is my real asset that keeps my spirit high when i start my day.  

Together we can make a real difference.

Mrs Shilpa


Our Director's Message

Since i hail from the players fraternity, i give prominence to the vision of Arjuna. I try to channelize the energy of students towards their goal. My goal in this project is to be in consonance with the vision of National Council of Education Research and Training: child-centered education system, to discourage rote learning so to encourage children to reflect on ther learning and to pursue imaginative activities and question..

All works of art, science and literature are built on imagination. Further, we will emphasize group approch or in other words participatory approach focusing on all students rather than handful of smart students. It is to some extent synonymous to the concept of the economist Alfred Marshall focusing on bread for all rather than cake for few. Our key focus area will be regular and timely feedback. We will simulate the situation which will inculcate innovative thinking

One will keep discovering him/herself with proper feedback and Assessment test, We invite student engagement in case of any query and encourage them to interact when there is need to provide valuable feedback.

We need smart work in addition to hard work

Everything does not happen in one time effort. Your recommendations are invited. We will use those recommendations to develop and improve our pedagogy.

Mrs Monika

So here we are trying to build a future by nurturing the present well.....for more get in touch though our Contact Us page.

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