Planet Olympiad Foundation India is established to provide the students with much needed knowledge and confidence to face the challenges of the future. We provide a platform with result oriented attribute to pave the way for students which will lead them towards their glorious future, for this we make continuous efforts to reinvent and reengineer our work process and knowledge delivery.

Our assessment technique tracks progress of student in comparison to others on all India level. Thus it help students gain a competitive mindset by knowing his or her performance in comparison to others. Further this also helps in pinpointing on the Grey (weak) areas of students which needs special attention for overall development. We empower students with innovative educational techniques and practices. Moreover we will comprehensively document the progress of each student. Our feedback mentors are equipped with the necessary skills to identify loopholes and fill them. Last but not the least  we will hire an educational psychologist as a helpline to provide assistance and guidance to students experiencing strain or when parents have any type of grievances 

To be specific our focus areas are:

  1.   We infuse enthusiasm and develop passion for subjects.
  2.   We refine problem solving skills of  students and foster conceptual understanding among students.
  3.   We instill a sense of  team spirit and group learning among  students.
  4.   We assist  students and schools in evaluating their relative performance.
  5.   We provide forum  where student can groom themseves .
  6.   We provide positive reinforcement to students for responding correctly.