1. What is the benefit of student by taking Olympiad exams?

After taking first level Olympiad, students can judge themselves academically at three different levels within the school level, at city level and at state level. Every student is provided a student performance report, SPR, by this report student analyses his/her strong and weak areas. SPR also gives a detailed performance comparison of the student to the other students at school, city and state level. The state/national toppers from each class are awarded at a grand prize.


2. What is the qualification to sit in this Olympiad?

- All students of class 3rd to class 10th are eligible to sit at the 2nd  level Olympiad.

- Class toppers from each class from each school where at least 10 students from a class appear in this exam scores more than 50% qualifying marks are   eligible to sit 2nd level Olympiad.


3. What is PMO syllabus?

The syllabus of PMO is the syllabus as prescribed by the CBSE, ICSE boards. The details of syllabus are also posted on the foundation website.


4. I have already appeared for the PMO while I was in a lower class. Can I appear again?

Certainly. This will give you on opportunity to improve your previous ranking, and if you are successful in doing so, you will again be eligible for certificates and prizes.


5. My school has already dispatched the registration form. I am left out and I want to register myself for the Olympiad exam. What should I do?

Yes you can request your school authority to send your relevant details and fee immediately to us. We will accept it if it reaches us before the last date of registration. (Means 30 days before the exam).


6. What is the pattern and structure of this examination?

You will get the answer of this question in our website – www.pofindia.com.


7. Can I take part in more than on Olympiad exam?

Yes, you can take part in more than one Olympiad exam.


8. Are the Olympiad conducted in English only.



9. I have still not received my Roll No./ Admit Card/ Participation Certificate. I have checked from my school authorities and they are also not in receipt of the same, kindly advice what to do?

Please request your principal to inform us about the non-receipt of the above. We will send duplicate copies to your school as soon as possible.


10. We are less than 10 students in our school who are interested to take part in this Olympiad. Can we still enrol for the test?

For less than 10 students a school, it is not viable for the foundation to hold PMO. Hence at least 10 students should be enrolled from a school so that a school becomes a centre.