1. POF MISSION – POF mission is to development of the Indian society. This development can start only from Indian Schools. POF mission is given below-

a. To inspire students to accept challenges and enhance their own performance.

b. To develop the total personality of a student and pave the way for and educational system seeking to produce a complete citizen and   a complete human being.

c. To motivate the students for their name and fame.

d. To develop habits of curiosity, mental flexibility and self-discipline in the students.

e. To increase the ability for applying scientific knowledge.

2. POF VISION – The vision of POF is very unique, it is given below-

a. To achieve the highest level of excellence for students in every walk of life and create a will adjusted global citizens rooted in Indian   culture.

b. Communities should be able to sustain high quality education for their future generations.

c. To develop the intelligence level of the students in all over India.

d. To develop self-confidence & skills in the students.

e. To build a well-educated and skilful nation.

g. Greater breath of knowledge in areas previously unexplored.